Don “Nuge” Nguyen


June 23, 2014

Oklahoma City, OK.

Baker, Independent, Converse CONS, OJ’s, Shake Junt, Hard Luck, Active, Happy Hour, Vol. 4, Goal Zero, Loud, Psockadelic.

First skateboard?
First board was a Variflex, first real set up was a Vision Mark Gonzalez with Indys and OJ-II’s

What gets you hyped to skate?
My friends get me real hyped to skate. Just being outside pushing and skating with the homies is the best feeling that cannot be replaced. I wake up everyday thinking about skating first. its really weird.

What inspires you?
Being able to be on the road. Traveling and music are a big inspiration. I want to travel forever.

What is your favorite place?
Barcelona and Copenhagen.

What’s your favorite sneaker?
The CTAS Pro.

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