Tom Remillard


June 22, 2014

San Diego, CA.

Expedition One, Ace, Converse CONS, Spitfire, Bones, WeSC, Diamond, Stance, Daf, Rev’d, Route 44 skate shop.

First skateboard?
I received my first skateboard at the age of 9.

What gets you hyped to skate?
I get hyped when I see a group of kids skating together at the park or on the streets, etc. Just crews of homies hanging out riding together making fun of each other whatever, capturing the essence. This also includes my group of friends when they are around.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by trying new things and curiosity. For example trying a new trick, new food, new place, new type of stretch or jumping into the cockpit of an airplane. I just want to try it and if I fail, accepting it with humility and learning from it.

What is your favorite place?
Up until recently Japan.

What’s your favorite sneaker?
For a while the Trapasso Pro II but again up until recently the KA-II. Backing cupsoles again.

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