Jason Jessee


June 22, 2014

San Clemente, CA.

Santa Cruz, Independent, Converse, OJ’s, Hard Luck, Brixton, Stance, Mob.

What was your first skateboard?
My brothers Jay Adams Z-Flex skateboard.

What gets you hyped to skate?
Skateboarding is a mood so all sorts of things get me motivated to get moving, lust for life gets me motivated and a hightend sense of reality always works.

What inspires you?
Common courtesy and consideration and sometime chaos, also a fascination of human behavior.

What is your favorite place?
Location scouting, soft beds and bath tubs with my shorts on and the door opened becuase i like talking a lot and don’t want to miss any action.

What’s your favorite sneaker?
Ok, well any Kenny Anderson, and anything with Star Chevron and if I’m having gear dilemma, the Chuck Taylor.

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