Noise To The World


November 18, 2013

Converse Rubber Tracks Holiday Music

Download our free Noise to the World album recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks studio.

Tracks by The She’s, Fresh Daily, Black Spade, Mother Merey & The Black Dirt, Workout, Low Fat Getting High, and Roxy Roca.

Ready for download from the Converse Soundcloud below or the download banner on right.


Rubber Tracks Artists

Roxy RocaRoxy Roca – “Without You”
The Austin based group creates a sound inspired by great funk and soul.

Warm SodaWarm Soda – “Without You By My Side”
Power pop/glam/garage rock form Oakland, CA. Currently recording their second studio album for release in 2014.

Fresh DailyFresh Daily – “Holiday ’93″
Brooklyn based emcee/beatmaker & graphic artist. A deft wordsmith and seasoned perfomer, Fresh Daily is currently working on new music.

Black SpadeBlack Spade – “Holiday ’93″
Emerging from St. Louis armed with a Kurzweil 2000 Keyboard, MPC 2000, and extensive record collection, Black Spade made himself into the producer/emcee/singer/songwriter he is today.

Mother Merey & The Black DirtMother Merey & The Black Dirt – “Run Rudolph Run”
Three piece haling from Austin with roots in the Delta blues, folk, and old country. Their debut LP, Down to the River, has a lot of people talking.

WorkoutWorkout – “Jingle Bells”
Known as one of NY’s wildest rock monsters, Workout may be your next party band. Sing-along choruses and foot-stomping chants make their chaotic noise stand out.

The ShesThe She’s – “December Tide”
Four best friends making music in San Fransciso. West Coast Garage Pop inspired by their city, each other, boredom, and surfer boys.

Low Fat Getting High“Low Fat Getting High – “Deck The Halls”
DIY outfit that formed in 2011. Named one of the top five New York City punk bands, LFGH keeps a rigorous show schedule.

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