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July 18, 2012

Your Favorite Bands. Their Favorite Gear

Rubber Tracks is a place to make music, but we inevitably talk about our favorite gear as well. Once a week we will ask a band or artist about their favorite gear and what they cant wait to get their hands on during their next trip to Guitar Center. To apply to get into Converse Rubber Tracks, click here:

Gear Talk with Lee Bannon March 5th, 2013:

Lee Bannon (Hip Hop Producer)

What is your favorite piece of gear?
Probably the Roland SP-555, I always wanted one because I’d hear some of my favorite producers using it.  I’ve been making real purist hip hop stuff with it, sampling breaks and stuff like that.

What is a piece of gear you are looking to get in the near future?
I’m looking to get the Prophet 08 by Dave Smith.  Its probably the only piece of hardware I wasn’t right now.  In terms of software I’m looking to get Native Instruments Kontakt 08.

What inspires you to make music?
Recently its been momentum of everything.  In the beginning it was just the love of doing it. It was therapy. Doing what you want to do and being successful at it, where you can travel and stuff.  But recently its been everything with Joey (Bada$$) and moving on to doing my own solo stuff.

Gear Talk with Cable March 5th, 2013:

Cable (Alt/Rock)

What’s your favorite piece of gear?
Ben (guitar/production): : My new Fender American Telecaster. Its the first guitar I’ve really ever owned and it really sounds pretty killer.
Tracy (vocals): The TC Helicon Voice Live Play because you can make your voice sound like your in a hockey arena when your in a place with bad acoustics. It sounds like your singing the national anthem. One of the presets is actually called “Hockey Arena” (laughs).

What is a piece of gear you are looking to get in the near future?
Ben (guitar/production):I’m trying to find the Mad Professor deep blue delay pedal. I hear its really great.
Tracy (vocals): I want a Rhodes piano. I play a little bit of keys.

What inspires you to make music?
Ben (guitar/production): My dad. He was an awesome musician, it was really inspirational. I just grew up around music all the time, whether it was gigs at the Bitter End or when he was doing weddings for a while. It was inspiring to see someone who’s done music all their life and made a living from it.
Tracy (vocals): Seeing how it can effect people, me personally and other people. Just the experience you get from just listening to music in a car, going to a live show or just walking down the street, its something thats good for the human soul.

Gear Talk: METZ February 28th, 2013:

In this first episode of “Gear Talk”, Toronto-based band METZ talk to fans about their gear, answering the episodes standard five questions, and sharing the detailed gear-focus of the three band-members.

Geek Out: Guitar Mic’ing February 8th, 2013:

In this segment of Geek Out, the Converse Rubber Tracks team demonstrates the basic microphone placement for recording an electric guitar amplifier. During this piece, the importance of phase is discussed when the staff tries some variations that include adding rear-cabinet and room microphones.

Gear Talk with Brazilian Girls December 11th, 2012:

Brazilian Girls (Electronic/Dance)

What’s your favorite piece of gear?
Didi Gutman (Keyboards): My favorite piece of gear at the moment is my laptop and everything thats in it. My second favorite piece of gear is my Moog Voyager. My third favorite piece of gear is my VOX Continental Organ.

Aaron Johnston (Drums): My favorite piece of gear is, and has been forever, my vintage Ludwig drum kit. But I also use my laptop and Ableton Live and Maschine alot, I’m really loving that right now.

What is a piece of gear your looking to get in the near future?
Aaron Johnston (Drums): Some new gear coming out that I’m really excited about, made by Aquarian, is an acoustic drum head with triggers inside, its called the In-Head, and I can’t wait to check that out.
Didi Gutman (Keyboards): MORE. More keyboards, guitars, preamps, microphones, everything. I need to get a new USB keyboard because I trashed my last one. I like KORG a lot.

What inspires you to make music?
Aaron Johnston (Drums): The first thing is playing with good musicians. That always pushes you. It also is inspiring to have good sounding instruments.
Didi Gutman (Keyboards): I don’t know, so many things. I just feel its a good way of spending my time. I just enjoy the process. The adventure of trying to find new territories in music, writing new songs and thinking “This is the best song I’ve done…”, at least for five minutes. Those five minutes are good.

Gear Talk with Fences December 4th, 2012:

Fences  (Rock)

What’s your favorite piece of gear?
Chris (Vocals/Guitar): The Jeff Tweedy Gibson, Artists Model. I like the color, I like that it has a melody maker hybrid SG vibe. I like how thin the body is, but it sounds gigantic. The actions really low, the satin finish on the neck makes it really easy to move around.
Ben (Guitar/Keyboards): My Tim Overdrive pedal, currently, because it changes a lot. But the Tim is great because the bass reduction happens before the overdrive and the treble after, so that it avoids the mid-hump that most overdrive pedals get. Its really transparent, it doesn’t compress, so it’s really dynamic. It has a boost built in and an effects loop built in and it @$%#$#% rules!
John (Guitar): My Fender Jazzmaster guitar. Its super versatile. It allows me to control my pick ups in different ways. So if your playing and you need to quickly get to something you can adjust your tone & volume. I also really like the neck on it.
Lindsay (Bass): I’m staring at it, it’s a Moog Little Phatty. It sounds awesome, has some really great settings. Its huge and wonderful.

What is a piece of gear you are looking to get?
Chris (Vocals/Guitar): I want the Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar guitar. Or the Butler Tube Driver . I’m always looking for weird vintage guitars.
Ben (Guitar/Keyboards): I am looking to get a KORG Polysix because its my favorite synth I’ve ever owned and I sold it to go on tour and It makes me very sad because its the greatest.
John (Guitar): A vintage Fender Strat because Ben has a really awesome one and I can’t kill him for it, so I have to get my own.
Lindsay (Bass): I would really like an Aguilar combo bass amp . I have an Ampeg Flip Top and its kind of difficult to move around. It’s awesome but I’d really like an Aguilar.

What Inspires you to make music?
Chris (Vocals/Guitar): I think i’m terrified of leaving no footprint on this planet whatsoever. I know its impossible to be remembered forever, you’d have to be a Mozart or something, but all arrogance aside, life, as confusing as it is, you should add something, make some sort of mess whether its beautiful or not, you should strive to do something, especially if you’ve been given the type of brain that makes you think that way.
Ben (Guitar/Keyboards): I really love pop music and I really like to challenge my self to try to top anything I hear or be able to write in the way that i hear things and kind of translate them into my own way of looking at them. Music is just a constant challenge. Its a mind game and I really like that.
John (Guitar): To keep going with what these guys are saying, music is inspired by life and I’d like to leave something to inspire other people. The other thing is my friends, these guys that I play music with, going through life together with them, living it and then expressing it.
Lindsay (Bass): I’m going to have to jump on the band wagon of wanting to leave a mark, also definitely what John said about being inspired by your friends, being inspired by playing with really talented musicians and being fortunate enough to be in that position is awesome and inspiring.

Geek Out: Mixing In The Studio with Jason Finkel November 18th, 2012:

Converse Rubber Tracks studio engineer Jason Finkel works his mixing magic in this edition of “Geek Out” presented by Guitar Center. Watch as he blends the perfect mix of guitars, drums and bass. With a little bit of know how you can turn that garageband demo into a polished mix too.

Gear Talk with My Midnight Heart October 8th, 2012:

My Midnight Heart (New Wave/Alternative)

Brooklyn, NY

What is your favorite piece of gear?
Angelica (songwriter, lead vocals, keyboards): Right now my favorite piece of gear is the TC Helicon XT-38. It my favorite piece because as a singer and songwriter I want to be able to play my voice as an instrument, and that enables me to do more things than I would do normally. It kind of creates an atmosphere and tone as If you were playing guitar. I just gives you so much more freedom to create scenes and landscapes. Its made for vocalists. Its so cool. I use it in conjunction with the Holy Grail, and the Pog.

What is a piece of gear you are looking to purchase in the near future?
This brand, I like their ideas and I think they’ve going in the right direction, so they have this thing called the TC Helicon Live Touch which is essentially 10 different pedals in one. Its much more freedom and flexibility. I wouldn’t have a need for all of these pedals because you can do everything in one.

What inspires you to make music?
I dont think its as much inspiration as it is just a part of you. Its like i can get inspired, and sometimes I’m more inspired than others, but its like my foot. I have to have my foot. Its really just a part of me and it just what comes naturally. The way that things are evolving feels like a natural progression and thats inspiring and I keep going back and forth between how I want to do approach things technically, but song writer in general is just a part of me, I couldn’t stop if i wanted to.

Mic Tricks with Matt Shane October 1st, 2012:

Converse Rubber Tracks recording engineer Matt Shane shares a cool trick on how to mic your set-up and get the elusive garage-esq, raucous snare drum effect and sound. You do not need to be a super high tech wizard to accomplish this. Just need to have guitar amp, snare drum, mic, and a passion for music and sound.

Gear Talk with Gazelle September 23rd, 2012:

Gazelle (Electronic)

South Africa

What is your favorite piece of gear?
Xander Ferrara (vocals, guitar): One of my favorite pieces that I’ve been incorporating into the show in the last year is a Fender Strat Deluxe, and I run that through an Ableton Live set-up with Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig.  Guitar Rig is also one of my favorite things because it kind of changed my life in terms of having to worry about back-line and amps and all that.
Steve Williams (Drums): My favorite piece of gear would be Paiste cymbals, which I happily endorse, as well as Pearl drums reference series.  Love the drums, their incredible.  Evans drum heads, Vic Firth sticks. The best. I love this spot by the way, its an incredible facility and very much needed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Paul Frazier (bass, vocals): I like all Fender basses, as well as TC basses.

What is a piece of gear you are looking to purchase in the near future?
Xander Ferrara: One of the things I’m looking to get is the Native Instruments, MIDI, floor pedal.  So The kind of MIDI pedal that will allow me to run different effects etc.  Thats the vibe that I would like to try and get next.
Steve Williams: The Roland SPD-SX.  I play drums, but those drum pads, the whole machine is a pretty incredible unit, everything in one, and very portable.
Paul Frazier: An Lynx Aurora  16 for my home studio.  Two of them.

What Inspires you to make music?
Xander Ferrara: For me, when you start, you try and become successful, and then when you become successful to a degree you realize it kind of means nothing.  So for me, what inspiring is to bring people from different places together, and be a common denominator, in a sense where people from different cultures, different classes, different religions, different whatever, can stand side by side and when they find something they find joy in they break down the barriers between them and forget about their differences and realize they have something in common.
Steve Williams: Playing music is probably one of the things I love the most, and making people happy, simply.  Bringing a little bit of joy to the masses in an hour or two, or however long a show is.
Paul Frazier: I’ve been doing it so long, its not as much about inspiration as it is second nature.  You just kind of eat, sleep and drink it.  And when you get together and play with people you enjoy playing with it makes it all that much better and also seeing the reaction of other people when their either in the room, or you’re playing live, recordings, all of the above.  As long as I’m living I’ll be making music.

Geek Out: Two Mic Drum Set-Up: September 10th, 2012:

In this segment of Geek Out presented by Guitar Center, the Converse Rubber Tracks team demonstrates a simple, flexible and very effective technique for recording awesome drum sounds using just two microphones.

Gear Talk with MNDR August 23rd, 2012:

MNDR  (Electropop)
What is your favorite piece of gear?
Right now I’m sorta in love with the OP1 which is made by a swedish company called Teenage Engineering.  The interface is super easy and instinctual, but you can make really original and amazing sounds.  The graphics are hilarious, it has little dudes running around.  Its a sequencer, synthesizer, sampler.  Also secretly it picks up RF and you can sample whatever’s going on on the radio.  They don’t really tell you everything so you keep unlocking these little things, or eggs as they call them on the internet.
My Favorite software hands down is SoundToys.  I love their plug ins.  My favorite plug in, which I just got, is the Devil Loc Deluxe and I pretty much threw up on my face, I was so excited about it.  I’m super into VSTs and digital gear.
What is a piece of gear you are looking to get in the near future?
What I really want to get is a piece of rack gear called the Omnipressor by Evantide.  I would like it for my own studio in Bushwick because the studio I currently work out of has one.  It does the most amazing compression tricks and effects, and it can absolutely blow up your speakers if you don’t know how to use it right, thats what I like about it the best is, is that is can blow up your ear.
What inspires you to make music?
Usually sounds. (beeping alarm sounds) Like this beeping for example, you put an ill kick drum to this, have it on the off beat, house record, done, minimal, german.  It’s really sounds, so I’m pretty sound driven, not lyric driven. So either think of a sound or you hear one and then try to make it and that sort of leads to choose your own adventure, leads you down another rabbit hole to another rabbit hole and then pretty much you have seventeen thousand VST’s running, seven million delays, and then your music just sounds really stoney.  And then you have to put it away for a little bit and then you re-listen and make it better.

Gear Talk with The Static Jacks August 7th, 2012:

THE STATIC JACKS (“Drunken Garage/Party Punk”)
Westfield, NJ

What is your favorite piece of gear?
Nick (Drums): My favorite piece of gear that I have is my Yamaha kick drum.  Its huge and it makes this thuddy sound that just cuts through the music.  I love that thing, it the best kick drum ever.
Henry (Guitar): My mini acoustic Martin guitar.  Its purple, it looks like a toy and I’ve written everything on it in the past two years.  It sounds really full, Martin is a really good brand.
Nick (Drums): He’s able to really manipulate the sound to make it sound like anything.  He sends demos with this thing and you would think that he’s playing some crazy electric guitar.

Whats a piece of gear you are looking to acquire in the near future?
Nick (Drums): I would love to get an old 60′s Ludwig kit.  They’re awesome, they’re tiny and they have these beautiful sparkle finishes on them.
Henry (Guitar): I want a Zvex FuzzFactory guitar pedal.  It is really simple, has nothing in it and sounds really crazy.
What inspires you to make music?
Nick (Drums): I guess, the way that music can make people feel anything, anger or happiness, I like being a part of that and being able to make people feel, I really enjoy that.
Henry (Guitar): Other music.  Just hearing a song and thinking, “I want to make something like that.”
Nick (Drums): Or better than it.

Gear Talk with Black Milk July 25th, 2012:

BLACK MILK (Producer/Rapper)
Detroit, MI

What is your favorite piece of gear?
My number one, go-to piece of gear would definitely have to be my AKAI MPC 3000 (vintage, but similar pieces are still available).  Thats like the heartbeat of my whole set-up, my whole work station.  For me, everybody knows I’m heavy with the samples on the beats, and thats where it all starts, from the records to the drum machine.
Whats a piece of gear you are looking to acquire in the near future?
Lately, in 2012, I’ve been getting alot of the pieces that I need to finish up the puzzle so I can sonically be where I want to be, but I would say my dream piece of gear in the future would have to be a vintage Neve console. A full-blown Neve console, all analog set-up, some LA-2A‘s and some crazy compressors.
What inspires you to make music?
Life. Other dope artists and other dope music from people I kind of look to to get that inspiration.  You know, people that make me want to run back to the lab and create something.  Whether its dope MC’s dope producers, dope musicians, old school or new school.

Geek Out: Flosstradamus talks about collaborating long distance: July 18th, 2012:

In the latest installment of our “Geek Out” series, presented by Guitar Center, the DJ-duo Flosstradamus outline some of their methods for collaborating (and mixing!) remotely, proving that long distance relationships can work, even when it comes to producing and DJ’ing.

Gear Talk with Collectable Few: July 10th, 2012

What is your favorite piece of gear?
Alex (Drums): My Tama acoustic kit, but I don’t really get to play it much as I’ve moved on to playing more electric drums. I still use the kick drum and floor tom. I’ve played vintage kits, but to me their just a little bit delicate and playing drums for me is all about the new stuff thats out there, stuff that when your on stage its reliable and its not going to buckle under the pressure.
Nat (Guitar): My Fender ’62 Relic, custom Stratocaster. I like to lovingly beat it up when I play. It looks neat, I like the hardware, and the pickups are really sweet. It’s all I play.
Tom (Bass): I’m a big Fender Precision man. I’ve tried a few Jazz Basses, but I think the Precision works with any style. You can slap it or just play quite rock.

Whats a piece of gear you are looking to acquire in the near future?
Alex (Drums): Some kind of Roland electric drum kit brain that I’ll put with my Yamaha pads.
Nat (Guitar): I’m hoping to maybe get a Fender Mustang. I think they’ve brought out this new series called the Pawn Shop, they’re really neat.
Tom (Bass): I really like vintage Ampeg amps. I’ve got an Ashdown combo at the moment, but I want something a little more old and antiquy.

What inspires you to make music?
Tarik (vocals): The age old one of just meeting women.
Alex (Drums): Whatever is going on, when you come back to music, it just connects. Being able to make other people appreciate your music the way I’ve appreciated music in my life is just a massive ambition. All my favorite times in life I’ve sort of had a soundtrack, with all of those different songs that mean so much to me.
Tom (Bass): If you were going through a hard time, music can sort of bring you back to where you were. For the most part its quite an escapist thing to me, I like shaking my tush.
Nat (Guitar): I agree. Also, I pick on different influences and get inspired, not to copy it, but kind of take references of things that I like and try to bring it in to my own sound. Kind of like creative stealing, but not quite.

Gear Talk with Buckwild: July 3rd, 2012

Whats your favorite piece of gear?
The Native Instrument Maschine, just because coming from the world of using the SP-1200, the MPC 3000, the MPC 4000, its the only computer based machine, that gives you that feeling. You’re able to use the swing and interact in and out of the computer

What the next piece of gear your looking to purchase?
The next thing I’m looking to cop is the Akai MPC Renaissance (not yet available). It does alot of things the Machine Doesn’t do. You don’t have to convert your samples to WAVs, you can use it as a stand alone, you can use it with all types of VST instruments, and interact in and out of pro-tools flawlessly. No matter what you have you can’t duplicate that MPC swing.

What inspires you to make music?
I would have to say musicians. Seeing musicians live, getting their vibe and seeing what they do, thats that inspiration, because their music comes from nothing, their able to read the music, play it out and it’s effortless. With us, we sample, so we do things they cant do, but they do way more than we can. Sometimes guys have perfect pitch, I sat with one guy and he showed me so much, to me its like a marvel. I start out with samples, chop them, and get the musicians to come replay it. When you sample your limited, but with musicians you can take it to the next level, even add a bridge or B section.

Geek Out: The Rubber Tracks Engineers talk Side Chaining, May 21st 2012:
Converse Rubber Tracks engineers Brad Worrell and Aaron Bastinelli demonstrate the technique of side chaining plug-ins in Avid Pro Tools. In this example, the use a live snare mic to key the gate of a room mic.

Gear Talk with Sean C and LV: April 6th, 2012

Whats your favorite piece of gear?
Sean C: The Akai MPC 4000!
LV: The Akai MPC 4000!

Sean C: I like it because you can have all of your sounds in it, and as soon as you turn it on it has the auto-load, brings everything up, the axis program where you’re able to just drag and drop samples from your computer, and everything, the drums, come out nice and punchy and loud.
LV: It’s like my girlfriend right here.

What the next piece of gear your looking to purchase?
Sean C: I was definitely looking forward to the MPC renaissance (not available yet), and we were blessed to just receive it recently. We were a part of helping design it, so it’s really close to us. One of the features we put in was the “vintage mode” where you can switch between MPC 3000, to MPC 60 and it gives you that sound. One thing I was surprised about was that you can use it as a recording interface, really dope.

What inspires you to make music?
LV: Basically everything that I like. Everything, everything. Woman, money, partying, drinking….women. My friends, everybody, just everything.
Sean C: I definitely agree, women definitely inspire me. But also when you hear some one else with a hot track, that really inspires you. Being around other producers and seeing them do something or just hearing a hot record online or on the radio, that inspires me..

Gear Talk with Strawberry Jam: April 6th, 2012

What is your favorite piece of gear?
Sarah (Vocals/Guitar): My favorite piece of gear is probably my Paul Reid Smith guitar, it’s really good tone wise, the clarity is disgustingly good, but it also has the dexterity to move into distortion and natural kind of crunch that I like to hear throughout our songs. Oh yeah, and the fret-board is really smooth.

Max (Bass): My current favorite piece of gear is my Peavey Foundation bass, though it doesn’t really have the type of sound I’m looking for.

Henry (Drums): My DW 5000, double bass-drum pedals, double chain, really smooth. They’re my favorite part of my kit.

Richard (Lead Guitar): Probably my Boss ME-70 multi-effects pedal. Its my baby. Basically I can have my own tone no matter what amp I use, because I kinda have a bad amp.

What is the next piece of gear you are looking to purchase?

Sara (Vocal/Guitar): The next thing I would get is a Fender Pawn Shop. Last time I came to Rubber Tracks and used it, it was just disgustingly good, like I couldn’t even believe it. I didn’t even like Fender Guitars previously, and this changed my mind. I would definitely invest in one of those.

Henry (Drums):
When we were practicing today in the Guitar Center rehearsal room, I was playing on this dry ride, a Sabian HHX Raw Bell, and it had a really clear tone. Even the bell, at the very top of the cymbal, you could tell it was hammered out a little differently, so its not what you would expect a dry-ride cymbal to sound like, and it was cutting through really well throughout the rehearsal.

Max (Bass):
Probably a Fender Jazz Bass because it has the tone and sound I’m looking for.

Richard (Lead Guitar):
The next thing I’m going to buy is probably a Fender Telecaster or an Epiphone Wilshere.

What inspires you to make music?

Henry (Drums): I guess our friends, and knowing a lot of other bands in the local, New Jersey, music scene, you know? At the same time that we’re all friends, it’s almost a competition, so you want to keep pushing each other, and one-upping each other. Aside from that its to make a good, valid piece of music that someone can enjoy on the other side, on their headphones, and try to interpret what we put out there.

Max (Bass): I’ve been playing music since I was five. Music brings people together in a way that nothing else can. Like for example, music can not only bring the people playing the music, but the people listening too, to the same page in terms of what their feeling and their expectations. Theres nothing else in the world that can duplicate that feeling.

Richard (Lead Guitar): Its one of the best mediums to convey emotions and express your own emotions. I was watching this documentary, it was about how music is the only thing that you can put your soul into, so when you die people can look at it and its like they know you, from hearing your music.

Sara (Vocals/Guitar): The things that I write about are all based on personal experiences. Anything I put in a song is true, so in striving to write honest music, I strive to connect to people who feel the same way, but not everybody’s going to get on a stage and put it out there and share it with someone else. So to share with people what I have to give, and be able to give that to them and have them interpret it in their own way, to change their mind, to evoke their own emotion, from my emotion, and to give them a certain feeling, thats what I strive for. The moments when your on stage, going crazy and you can feel the music in your veins, and everyones singing along with you and knows exactly what your talking about, thats what inspires me.

Gear Talk with Blind Benny: March 29th, 2012

Jade (vocalist): I like the Voicelive Touch by TC helicon. Its this awesome FX pedal, that has a built-in compression and auto-EQ and De-ess.

Whats the next piece of gear your looking to purchase?
John: I’d love the cash to be able to get the Fishmann Aura. Its a little pedal, good for acoustic guitar. Its good for taking the acoustic sound and simulating a different acoustic sound. It provides alot of richness. I would also love to get the 11rack from Digidesign, which is a guitar interface for Pro-Tools.

What inspires you to make music?
John: I dont know, its hard to say. In terms of me and Jade, it’s like, usually her melodies.

Jade: Human behavior. I would die if I wasn’t making music.

Gear Talk with Delta Spirit: March 22nd, 2012

Whats your favorite piece of gear?
My favorite piece of gear is my ’65 Harmony Meteor (guitar). The pickups sound incredible.They’re DeArmond Gold tone pick ups.

Any piece of gear your looking to get in the near future?
Yeah, maybe some of the Eventide pedals, either the Space Reverb or the I think its like the Pitchfactor or something like that.

What inspired you to play music?
The fear that I’m not good at anything else. It’s an honest answer.

Gear Talk with Mr. Star City & The Ancient Aliens. March 15th 2012

Whats your favorite piece of gear?
Mr. Star City (vocals): My microphone, because it allows me to speak to the people. Allows me to spread that love I got inside me.

Pablo (guitar player): This Tele (Fender Telecaster), I’ve had this Tele since I was probably like 12 or 13, it’s my favorite guitar I played in probably like, 10 or 12 band with it. Totally beat up, but it sounds great. Yeah I love it.

Any piece of gear your looking to get in the near future?
Pablo: I’m not actually a big gear head, more so because I’m a producer and am more in to plug-ins and stuff like that. But I always use what I have until I’ve like exhausted it. I feel like thats the best way to get good at stuff is to use what you have and make the best out of it.

What inspired you to play music?
Pablo: My pops was a world-renowned physical therapist, so he always had alot of musicians he was working on because they tend to have arthritis and stuff like that, so there was always mad famous bands in my house all the time, playing parties at the crib or whatever. I was around so much amazing music that I just took to it.

Mr. Star City: Help heal the world bro! Music heals. I’m here to heal the world, bro. Bring a solution to a couple of problems, hopefully I can help someone with these words of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. This is what I do.

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