Wall to Wall: Austin


July 5, 2012

Doin Thangs in Austin

Originally from Houston, Texas, Josh Row moved to Austin when he was 9, a public school kid who got into trouble and tore up the town. But he was always into art, drawing mostly. In 2007 he became the art direction at No-Comply skate shop in Austin, and has been designing boards and having a blast ever since. The mural he created for the Wall to Wall series is in the heart of downtown Austin, on Sixth Street, and can be seen from I-35, and by the thousands of revelers who flock to Austin for its good vibes.



Talk about your art background, how you got started?
For as long as I can remember I have always been drawing. I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t. It has been a life long love and I would never have been able to cope with out it. My dad put me on a skateboard from the moment I learned how to walk. I was always so fascinated by the graphics on the boards. I was hooked. It was all I wanted to do.

When did you first discover your interest in the arts?
It has always been there for as long as I can remember.

Travel, all the places you go to do murals? Where have you gone, which city is your favorite?
I really haven’t done any mural work outside of Austin. I need to widen my scope for sure. As far as a favorite city I have been too; I would have to say Philly is my fave. So tight!

The Austin scene. What’s it like, music, art, etc. ?
The Austin Art seen is awesome! Home to so many rad dudes, and so many sick galleries! Its a small town still sort of so we all just kind of chill and try and help each other. It is alive here. Gotta give a shout to Michael Sieben! The dude has helped me out so much. The gallery he is part of ( OK MOUNTAIN ) is so sick to. Check it out if you ever come through Austin! COMMON HOUSE as well! DOMY is also one of my fave book store/galleries! So many sick print shops in town as well. I work at one (INDUSTRY) and they do live printing events with artists from all over the country!

Why that wall location? What is the fun stuff around that area?
High traffic spot during SXSW! Thousands of people were gonna see it! Plus it is on 6th st. That is where the party never stops!

How many hours a day do you spend working on your art?
As much as I can! Sleep, eat, and breath what you love to do! Nothing else matters.

Who inspires you and how do you keep yourself motivated?
I’m most inspired by all of my friends around me. Not a lot of them make art but they all shred so hard and that gets me stoked! Getting crazy and swimming, biking and skating, and eating rad food, meeting girls, falling in love and getting heart broken, big highs, deep lows! It all becomes cool stuff in the end.

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Where It’s At

Located in the heart of Austin, Josh’s mural can be found on the corner of I-35 and NW 6th street. Located next to a host of bars, galleries, and in the the middle of all SxSW madness during March – the wall is a cant miss piece that adds to the Austin artistic landscape: Austin, Texas

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