KA-One Vulc


June 28, 2012

Engineered For Destruction

KA-One Vulc – Part 1

Kenny Anderson recruits his friend Giovanni Reda to help plan for testing the vulcanized version of Kenny’s signature sneaker and determine if it is engineered for destruction.

KA-One Vulc – Part 2

Kenny and Reda fuel up for their trip to Las Vegas while brainstorming ideas to destroy the KA-One Vulc.

KA-One Vulc – Part 3

Kenny and Reda arrive in Las Vegas and begin to test their variety of creative methods for destroying the KA-One Vulc.

KA-One Vulc – Part 4

Kenny suggests that Reda should experiment with an alternative method for possible destruction of the KA-One Vulc.

KA-One Vulc – Part 5

Kenny takes the more traditional approach to testing the KA-One Vulc by attempting to destroy his sneaker via skateboarding.

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