Hometown L.A.: The 88


May 31, 2012

The Valley to Elysian Park

Converse and Filter have teamed up to bring you Hometown L.A., a series of videos shot throughout Los Angeles that capture some of L.A’s best bands playing in a variety of locations. Shot in black and white, the video’s focus on unique and beautiful locations throughout LA – and the bands that bring them to life. Look out for more videos in the Hometown L.A. series throughout 2012. Today, we catch up with The 88 in their awesome studio in Elysian Park, performing “Do You Love Me”.

Adam Merrin, Keith Slettedahl, Anthony Zimmitti and Todd O’Keefe are the tight-knit group that makes up The 88. The four members grew up in different parts of The Valley, but it wasn’t until the formation of the group by Keith and Adam in 2002 that brought them all together. The band has about tens years of experience and 5 albums under their belt, which is due in part to the positive dynamic they consistently feed off each other. “We’re so lucky because whenever we’re together it’s so easy”, says Adam, “when we’re rehearsing or recording… we’re on the same page… even when we have different ideas, they always work together.”

When talking to the band there is a sense that being in Los Angeles doesn’t make the band. In fact, it is probably for this reason that they have such the longevity. “When we were younger, we were wrapped up with other things. We would miss the moment,” says Keith. “Now we’re focused more on the actual doing and not what it will get us.” Whether the city played a role in the shaping of the band, one thing is for certain: as long as they play music together, nothing else matters.

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