Hometown L.A.: Milo Greene


May 31, 2012

SacTown to LA

Converse and Filter have teamed up to bring you Hometown L.A., a series of videos shot throughout Los Angeles that capture some of L.A’s best bands playing in a variety of locations. Shot in black and white, the video’s focus on unique and beautiful locations throughout LA – and the bands that bring them to life. Look out for more videos in the Hometown L.A. series throughout 2012. Today, we catch up with Milo Greene in their awesome studio in Echo Park, performing “1957″.

Although the band is fairly new in the L.A. music scene, a lot of buzz and positive chatter have been surrounding Milo Greene these days. Recently signed to a record label, touring the country, wrapping up their debut album and headlining their first residency in town are just a few accomplishments the band has already made in less than 6 months. For band members Robbie Arnett, Andrew Heringer, Marlana Sheetz and Graham Fink, 2012 is already shaping up to a busy and fruitful year.

It’s a consensus among the four native Californians that Los Angeles is the best place to be in a band. “Marlana and I used to work and play music together in Sacramento,” says Andrew. “You can only go so far up there… we came down here and things just really started to roll because there’s such a community here.” While Robbie notes that it is due to the number of musicians in town, he emphasizes that all this creativity is “healthy competition.” Perhaps it is all thanks to this creative community and venues like The Bootleg Theater that got Milo Greene started. “This venue is a special place for us because this is where Robbie and I started hanging out before the band got going”, says Graham. “They recruited me and this is also where we played our very first show. Our first live experience as a band”. This young band will no doubt be touring the country and world in the coming years, but one won’t change; Los Angeles will be their home.

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