HomeTown L.A.: FIDLAR


January 18, 2012

FIDLAR Hit Highland Park

Converse and Filter have teamed up to bring you Hometown L.A., a series of videos shot throughout Los Angeles that capture some of L.A’s best bands playing in a variety of locations. Shot in black and white, the video’s focus on unique and beautiful locations throughout LA – and the bands that bring them to life. Look out for more videos in the Hometown L.A. series throughout 2012. This time, we catch up with FIDLAR in their awesome studio in Highland Park, performing “No Ass”.

“F it dog, life’s a risk”. That is the best and literal way to describe FIDLAR. Based in Los Angeles, band mates Brandon, Zac and brothers Max and Elvis are all about doing what they want (and what they love). “We were homeless for a month when we were trying to find a space we could use to record,” says Brandon. Their practice/recording space was pretty empty their first year due to lack of funds, but it gave them the freedom to make as much noise and throw as many parties as possible so they could play in front of people. “Only recently we’ve been getting shows at venues, but when we started (and we still do it), we played a lot of house shows until the cops showed up.”

Regardless of cops breaking up their shows, they still love their home. “I love how big it is; it’s huge!” says Zac, “[Elvis and Max] lives in West L.A. and it’s a different L.A. It’s big and small in sections, like Highland Park is its own little section.” Hopefully with all the different neighborhoods, the band can finally play a house show in its entirety. “Hopefully we’ll have better luck next week… follow us online to get the location!” And if all else fails, they can go get some grub, “Tacos, dude. Tacos!”


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  • CAYLA AMAZING Tue Jan 24, 2012
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