January 11, 2012

Hit the Road with Yawn

A unique multi-episode series in which viewers will see into the life of a touring band on their way to Converse Rubber Tracks. The series will feature a tour of each band’s hometown and the different experiences they encounter on the road to the studio – from living in a van on the road to the shows they perform en route to Brooklyn, NY. The Rubber Meets the Road series kicks off with Chicago based experimental rock band YAWN.

Rubber Meets the Road: Part 3

In this last episode, up-and-coming Chicago-based band YAWN finally dig into recording at Converse Rubber Tracks. Watch this rare footage of the diverse group of musicians as they explore a new sound, become acquainted with the studio space, and delve into the meaning behind some of their lyrics before laying down original music and heading back to Chicago.


Rubber Meets the Road: Part 2

The second installment of the short-film series “Rubber Meets the Road” shows Chicago-based band Yawn on their journey to the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio, making stops along the way to play a show in Pittsburgh, indulge in motel breakfasts and play mini-golf. Between go-karting and dealing with a broken down van, the band opens up and discusses their well-established dynamic and previous experiences of recording in a studio.


Rubber Meets the Road: Part 1

Check out Chicago-based band YAWN in Part One of our new Rubber Meets the Road series, as they prepare for their adventure from the Midwest to Brooklyn to record at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio. “Knowing that there are going to be cameras in our face the whole time is kinda nerve-wracking,” said multi-instrumentalist Adam.

Watch as the guys perform at their jam-packed album release show, load up their stuff and wave goodbye to their moms in the first episode of this three part series.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 of their journey coming soon…

Listen to: YAWN – “Magician”

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  • Everardo When are you guys coming out with the song "And then they come"? Tue Feb 28, 2012
  • KaylanAvenged Dood! You guys are sweet! Any future concerts around i don't know.... Fort Stewart? Wed Feb 01, 2012
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