Wall to Wall: Manchester


November 28, 2011

Faunographic Lights Up Manchester

Faunagraphic’s beautiful and delicate paintings feature animals, nature and elements of fantasy. She has been spray-painting for the last 5 years and in this short space of time her work has graced the walls of abandoned apartments and disused factories as well as stamping her unique mark on snowboards, canvas, clothing and exhibitions.



How did you start painting?
I had been interested in graffiti through college, as I studied graphic design. I began makings stencils and bought some bad quality spray paint and started spraying around my town stencils of flowers. Then I met more graffiti artists at a one-off event near were I live. The artist Rocket01 – who then became my boyfriend – introduced me to the world of graffiti and I’ve painted every weekend since that summer 5 years ago.

What inspires you?
My work is always inspired by nature, so I paint and draw animals. I do paint characters but they are also nature themed or eco warriors. I like to paint things which most people take for granted: things which are rare and not seen much, or extremely beautiful. Things like moths, butterflies, strange types of flowers and unusual or rarely seen birds. Environmental and wildlife issues are something I feel strongly about also so I enjoy to paint it even more – like it’s a form of raising awareness for the delicate balance of things on our planet!

What was the inspiration for this wall? What was it like to paint?
The wall is in an area of Manchester which was quite industrial, but inspiration for walls like this for me are all the same: “What’s the chance of seeing a little blue tit in the city centre?” The chances are low because our cities are not built to help sustain the life of tiny little creatures like this… Sparrows and pigeons, yeah: they have adapted. But I like to paint something I want to see in the future. Some derelict warehouses I have painted are all overgrown with nature, and I like to paint similar things there. It’s nature fighting back. It was weird painting something so big: it’s something I hope to do again!

How do you feel about the fact your mural is going to be projected across the city?
I think it’s great. Converse have given me a really special opportunity. I hope people enjoy seeing the painting and that it makes them happy.

What is the street art scene like in the UK at the moment?
It’s quite a busy scene – there’s lots of artists who are doing a million different things. A lot of artists move down South for the work to progress their careers. Up North in Manchester there are less artists but we all know each other – and I haven’t been without work since I became a full time artist. So there is plenty of work up North, it might just be bigger money down South!

Are there a lot of women in street art?
There are a lot worldwide, especially in Spain. In England there are probably about several regularly active women who do graffiti and street art, and that’s not including the ones who go out bombing… I’m sure there are a good few of those we don’t hear about!

What would be your dream wall to paint?
I’d like to paint a huge wall in New York, or San Francisco… or maybe Barcelona. Anywhere really: I haven’t done too much in city centers apart from my home town in Sheffield. A lot of my artwork is hidden away in factories and dotted around random places. I’ve painted San Francisco, Greece, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany and Australia so far…

What’s next for Faunagraphic?
I’ll be keeping on doing what I love: painting walls. I have a couple of exhibitions lined up for 2012, and events. This Winter I am going to concentrate on large canvas, and also building up my digital illustration portfolio again. So all things creative!

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Where It’s At

Birthplace of the rave scene and home to an increasingly exciting and internationally recognised design and graphics scene, Manchester has a long history of innovation.

The location of the wall is in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a buzzing and creative hub which is surrounded by independent bars, record stores and vintage shops. The wall itself provided Faunagraphic with ample space to create her natured inspired design.

Manchester, England

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