Wall to Wall: Barcelona


November 9, 2011

Otone Conquers the Biggest Wall Yet

Our next stop: Barcelona. Graffiti artist Otone takes on our biggest wall yet as we continue our celebration of street art across the world.


Track: Disco Biscuits by Eric Bode


Graffiti artist Otonejoined us in Barcelona to take on our biggest wall yet. But this wall was more than just bricks and paint… Otone’s mural travelled across the city, projected from wall to wall in some of our favorite spots in Barcelona. We caught up with him to chat projections, painting and inspiration…

How did you start painting?
I started in Paris’s suburbs more than 20 years ago. I was amazed by what the other graffiti writers were doing on my train line and I started to paint too.

What is the street art scene like in Spain?
It’s big and very rich, so many different styles from one city to the other. You can find a lot of freedom in the street of some big Spanish cities and this is very important for the development of a creative graffiti scene.

What inspires you?
Everyday street life, people’s behaviour in the city, architecture….

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Don’t listen to your friends when they say “this is not graffiti”.

What was painting this wall like? Can you tell us more about the design?
It was a lot of work but I had a very good time. I thought about the project as a kind of automatic mural and I gave some simple instructions to my two assistants. I selected 28 shapes and 6 colors and let them have total freedom to come and play with them. Between the three of us we finished the 30 meters long mural in two days.

How do you feel about the fact your mural is going to projected from that wall across lots of different walls?
I think this is very interesting: a wall painting projected on another wall is quite an unusual thing. I like the idea that a specific design I created for the wall in Barcelona will appear on other walls in other places: it’s like trying a tailor-made suit on different people! It’s not like projecting a computer design – this design only exists on the wall in Barcelona and will always refer to it, and I think it creates an interesting link between spaces. It will be exciting to document how the design interacts with its new surroundings… The brick texture of the wall in Barcelona was amazing: I’d love to see a clean white wall wearing it!

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Where It’s At

Barcelona is a city that never stands still and is constantly innovating. Graffiti artists have flocked here over the years, leaving their own unique marks on the streets, which can be seen dotted in-between the classic Art Nouveau architecture.

Situated in the heart of Barcelona, Razzmatazz regularly plays host to the best up and coming new bands as well as internationally recognized bands. Located on the roof terrace of this famous venue, the wall that was picked acts as a focal point for clubbers who are chilling out and gave Otone the space to create something truly awesome.

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