Queen Sea Big Shark – Chuck Taylor Summer Collection

April 25, 2011

Converse follows Queen Sea Big Shark upon arrival in Austin, Texas from China and introduces the Chuck Taylor All Star Summer 2011 Collection.

To celebrate the launch of the Chuck Taylor All Star Summer 2011 Collection, Converse created a short film documenting the Chinese band Queen Sea Big Shark during one of the largest music festivals in Austin, Texas. The short film captures them performing at various locations throughout the city, visiting local eating spots and enjoying the summer sun all while sporting their Converse summer kicks.

The Chuck Taylor All Star 2011 Summer Collection kicks off this year’s hottest season with all new footwear designed to play outdoors. Possibly the most iconic shoe of all time, the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe is a pop culture icon and this collection stylishly links its history to right now. The collection includes the all new beach ready Chuck Taylor All Star Thong Sandal and Chuck Taylor All Star Cut Away Sandal, while the ChuckIt shoe returns, just in time for lazy days and mischievous sunny afternoons.

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  • wibs the white converse used by the drummer at the gig is super sick. what style is that? is it coming soon? Thu Jun 02, 2011
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