Turned Up Down South: China to Austin


March 28, 2011

Two Bands, Four Skaters, Six Days in Austin

Carsick Cars, Queen Sea Big Shark, and our China Skate team took the long journey from Beijing to Austin and indelibly left their mark on the city. The skaters shredded at the Trasher Death Match and across the streets of Austin. Both bands played some spectacular gigs across the city – and we followed them with cameras for the whole time. Check out the artists and skaters, some of whom had never been to America before, revel in what Austin had to offer.

Episode 1: Carsick Cars, Queen Sea Big Shark and Converse China’s Skateboard Ambassadors spend their first few days in Austin doing what all Americans do: Riding motorbikes, eating BBQ, and hitting some gnarly carnival rides.

Episode 2: Carsick Cars got settled in Austin and did what they came to do, play a ton of gigs in unique places and wow fans with their tracks. We follow them to a local Austin record store for an intimate performance and catch up with some of their fans.

Episode 3: Queen Sea Big Shark hit Austin running and play a variety of gigs all over the town. The band talks about, gear, getting started, and why sometimes, the instruments just dont matter.

Episode 4: To celebrate the launch of the Chuck Taylor All Star Summer 2011 Collection, Converse created a short film documenting the Chinese band Queen Sea Big Shark during one of the largest music festivals in Austin, Texas. The short film captures them performing at various locations throughout the city, visiting local eating spots and enjoying the summer sun all while sporting their Converse summer kicks.

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