Turned Up Down South: Fan Mail


March 24, 2011

Your Questions. Their Answers. Out of a Shoe.

For our Fan Mail interview series at The FADER Fort by Fiat, we asked fans and followers of a variety of artists and skaters to submit their questions via twitter. We got some killer questions, and some killer answers, all delivered out of a fresh Chuck Taylor All Star.

Matt and Kim:
In this video with Matt and Kim, the duo answers questions about making new music and their creative process while hanging out backstage at The FADER Fort by Fiat.

The Cool Kids:
Mikey Rocks and Chuck English, otherwise known as the Cool Kids, took questions about who is the better ball player, whether baggy clothes will make their long-awaited return, and if cake is, in fact, a snack.

Kenny Anderson: As a part of our Fan Mail series, Converse Skateboarding ambassador Kenny Anderson talks about his favorite striped animal, a waterpark skate spot, and much more at the FADER Fort by Fiat in Austin.

Carsick Cars:
Beijing’s best Carsick Cars speak out on what it’s like to shop for records in China, and how the weekend at record stores can get dangerous quickly during this episode of Fan Mail.

Rune Glifberg:
Converse Skateboarding Ambassador Rune Glifberg talks about the best and worst moments of his career, including one particularly gnarly injury, at the FADER Fort by Fiat.

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