Austin Talks: tooth ache.

March 20, 2011

In true festival form, Dave and Vic met Alexandria Hall aka tooth ache. for breakfast at 2 p.m. While sipping lemonade, she took them through Vermont garages, Ecuadorian raves, and Texas recreations.

Between your own and your friend’s shows this week, are you able to find a break from all this?

Yes, we are going to the country this afternoon to go swimming, BBQ, and shoot guns. I think, at a natural springs.

Ha, that sounds nice. And how did your shows go?

Really well, the first night I played was definitely the biggest show, and I had just flown in from Ecuador that day, so it was a total culture shock, I stepped into the show where there were like hundreds of people and I was like “oh wow, okay back in the states.”

What were you doing in Ecuador?

I lived there for a year after high school and was just going back to visit friends and family.

I’d be curious to hear an Ecuadorian influenced tooth ache. song…

Haha, right? I didn’t bring my recording stuff down there, but did go to some crazy shows, one was this huge weird electronic reggaeton thing… we went to a really awful ska show too, kind of a good way to transition into coming here.

For your current live set, was it initially hard to recreate the recordings?

The hardest thing was that it’s just me, so for layering I just got some loop pedals and worked on my timing. My stuff is pretty minimal anyway, so it wasn’t that difficult.

Did you have fun at that showcase we did in Brooklyn?

Yes, everyone was so nice. That’s what I love, that bands support each other. Understandable that we all can’t at things like this, but whenever I can I try to stay and support the other bands that play.

So when did you get into music?

I started playing piano when I was a little kid, and I always liked singing. I did the singer/songwriting thing through high school, that’s when I got into doing shows, but I’d always been into electronic music. I dropped out of college after my first year when I was 18 and that’s when I started making electronic music and listening to more experimental stuff. A friend of mine left a bunch of gear in my basement one day and I kind of locked myself down there and recorded 6 or 7 songs, and put them on myspace. It was kind of a joke, but then I actually really liked them, and my friends did too.

Do you have more stuff in the works right now?

Yes. It was put on hold because of the Ecuador trip but I’m hoping to finish and have a full length ready soon.

[Our food arrives] It’s nice to sit down in a restaurant for a change, though we could eat waffle tacos all day—so good, like with syrup and everything…

Oh my god, that sounds heavenly. Yeah I’ve just been surviving off taco trucks. My boyfriend is obsessed with tacos and I love every bit of Mexican food except most tacos, he thinks it’s some kind of resentment thing, which is absurd—maybe there’s some truth to that. But I’ve been really embracing the tacos this week.

Us too, we’ve also been avoiding the main strip at night…

Yeah I’ve rarely made it downtown. I accidentally wore a green cardigan on St. Patrick’s Day and was then like, committed to it.


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