Didn’t Know What Love Was


October 29, 2010

To celebrate the creativity and diversity of the UK music scene, Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner and Hot City have collaborated on Didn’t Know What Love Was, an exclusive new track for Converse.

Bernard Sumner was a founding member of Joy Division, a post-punk band formed in 1976. As the band’s lead guitarist, Sumner also played keyboards for synth parts with additional vocal appearances. After the death of Joy Division’s singer, Sumner and the remaining members started New Order where Sumner emerged as the band’s permanent lead vocalist and lyricist. Both Joy Division and New Order are widely considered two of the most influential bands of the era. In 1989, Sumner joined up with former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr to form Electronic where Sumner was the lead vocalist and lyricist. In 2007, he formed Bad Lieutenant as vocalist.

We hooked up with him in Manchester and talked about his music, influences and how music still is one of his life’s great loves. Check out the video.

Hailing from London, Hot Chip entered the picture with the release of their 2000 debut,Mexico. In 2002, Hot Chip self-released Sanfrandisco E-Pee which showed the band dabbling in more playful sounds, with beatbox dubbing and moments of gorgeous melancholy. The group signed to N.Y.C. record label DFA in 2005 and released the Over and Over EP, as well as the excellent The Warning. The 2007 single Ready for the Floor heralded the arrival of Made in the Dark, which featured some of the band’s most focused grooves and poppiest melodies to date. The mellower One Life Stand followed in 2010, along with a remixes collection later that year.

We caught up with Joe and Alexis to talk about their pre-Hot Chip days playing football, how their long-time friendship affects their music, and their experience collaborating with Bernard Sumner and Hot City.

Hot City is a London based electronic musician/DJ/producer duo made up of DJ Haus & DJ Benz. They have cemented their reputation as the duo injecting the fun back into dance music. Their dancefloor productions straddle garage, house and techno without ever sitting still in one genre. Their DJ sets dig deep into the history of UK garage, rave and modern day urban techno and they have made a name for themselves with UK anthems like Yeah! and No More. They recently announced news of a debut album for Moshi Moshi to be released next year.

Friends and former clubbing partners, DJ Haus N’ Benz, shared how they mix-match their different musical styles to create the Hot City vibe, their struggles in the studio and how working with Bernard Sumner was a dream come true.

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