August 23, 2010

4Artists is a group of young creatives living and studying in Boston. They all do a little bit of everything. Contributor Cole Stryker speaks with them about why and how they came together to form a super-entity of creativity.

CS: Who are you guys?

Jeffree: I’m Free. I was born in Haiti but raised in Brockton, MA. Now I attend the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

Julianne: I am Julianne Nash. I am from a small town called Assonet, Massachusetts. Ever since I was little I have dreamed of attending Massachusetts College of Art, and did all I could to get accepted. Thankfully, I did! Now, I am officially a photography major, making my own minor in painting, dreaming a huge dream of being a photojournalist.

Nicole: I’m Nicole Jimenez, I was born on the island of mashed green bananas — in the Dominican Republic. Raised all over New England. I’m at MassArt for fashion design but I also love video and installation.

Mark: I’m Mark; I was born in the States, but my parents immigrated from Egypt. A few years ago I picked up my mom’s camcorder and edited a video with my friends. A few things have changed since then, but that’s basically what I do now.

CS: Got an artistic vision/mission statement?

All: FourArtists is here to inspire, but ultimately to improve the lives of others through art.

CS: What do you seek to gain from working as a collective rather than individuals?

Mark: Working as a collective always yields more interesting results. If you can hone your craft as a group, the results are so much more phenomenal and profound because you have the element of everyone collaborating towards one goal. I like working in groups because I have a lot to offer, and my friends have even more.

Jeffree: We attract more people because we appeal to wider range of personalities. People who visit our site have four different people to look at, rather than one. If someone doesn’t like my post, there is still a chance that they might like Mark, Nicole, or Julianne’s.

Julianne: By working as a collaborative blog, we are capable of having a very diverse view on art in general. As a whole, we intend on having our arts intertwine someday. For example, I could do a fashion photo shoot using clothes that Nicole made in school. By having more than one artist blogging, we can attract cornucopia of artists who have vastly different interests. And as they always say: FOUR minds are better than one.

Nicole: I’m excited to to see how film can be altered by fashion’s point of view; to see how illustration can be inspired by photography’s point of view. There’s tons of room for play and experimentation.

CS: Tell us about some of your projects.

Nicole: Some of us recently learned how to silkscreen, so we’re in the process of making t-shirts to sell. The money we make from these t-shirts is going to go completely to a non-profit that uses social media and creativity to help end the war in Uganda and surrounding countries.

CS: What’s next for 4Artists?

All: We really have no clue. FourArtists started as a collaboration experiment, and we just want to see where it takes us. We’d like to say that we are heading in an exact direction, trying to solve X, Y, and Z, but we really cannot. The best way we can answer this question is to just say what’s on our minds:

Mark: We do know that we plan on making t-shirts that support a few non-profit organizations that we are really interested in. Nicole is actually working on a few designs right now, and I’m sure we’ll all start silkscreening those designs too and getting them out there. I also love connecting with other artists, so we have been shooting around ideas of interviewing and really getting to know local artists in Boston, showing some of their work on our site.

Jeffree: We want to start affecting other in a more physical way. We want to do interviews and support other organizations, and sell our own name to connect more with people outside of the website.

Nicole: FourArtists started out as a blog about artists we admire. But we really started to feel like we don’t want to be like any other blog. We are now focusing our thoughts and posts towards our own work. To be honest, we just finished our freshman year of art school, and we’re really excited to go back and learn; to become amazing at what we do. We only know one thing–it’s going to be worth seeing.

Jeffree: Be on the lookout for something spontaneous!


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