World Basketball Festival


July 19, 2010

United We Rise. International sport and culture blend over four days this August in NYC during the World Basketball Festival.

The WBF will celebrate the creativity that surrounds the game and the inspiration, attitude, and athleticism that define it. On the hallowed ground of New York City courts, players and artists will demonstrate how the rhythm of a game has become the soundtrack of a culture and how a global community will unite to create basketball’s new destiny.

Happening August 12-15, 2010, the WBF features basketball’s leading brands and 100 years of footwear tradition – Converse, Nike Basketball and Jordan. The event will also feature the top national teams, including China, Brazil, France, Puerto Rico, and the USA.

Carlos Arroyo reps Puerto Rico
Miami may not be far from Puerto Rico, but for Carlos Arroyo of the Miami Heat, the road from a small town in Puerto Rico to running point in the NBA is a path only a few have successfully navigated. You can catch Carlos at the World Basketball Festival when Puerto Rico plays China on 8/15 in NYC.

One of the main events of the weekend is the Battle of the Boroughs, in which neighborhood teams will compete at the fabled Rucker Park on Friday, August 13. NYC streetball legend Shammgod will be the coach of the Converse team – check out his profile below.

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