Dave Sutton: Summer Heat

May 25, 2010

Dave Sutton is a blogger, a music fan, and a dude who is generally hip to the hotness. Bringing his musical musings back to Converse.com, he takes us through bands to look out for in the summer, and the songs to groove to in your bathing suits.


Our last go around ended in the stars, and now here we are with a unique opportunity to double dip, only this time with our eyes aimed at the sun. Style needn’t be overtly seasonal to fit this batch though. Summer jams hit partly out of timing. We’re naturally shifting that way, and sort of retrofit context to occasion. And then yeah, other times it really is a summer-encrypted mp3 with clear intentions. Your call. Let’s start off with some fire:

Dom: Ten seconds into Sun Bronzed Greek Gods we’re shot out of a canon, soaring over a montage of fluffy national iconography (or maybe I’m just thinking of the music video). “Living In America” is indeed an outrageous anthem destined for July 4th fireworks and maybe even a victorious lap through pop culture, but it’s also in good company. The debut EP from Worcester, Massachusetts’ Dom (lead by an interesting dude named Dom) is a sugar rush of guitar pop that opens at full speed and opts to drive off a cliff rather than let anyone crash. From the surreal gaze of “Burn Bridges” to the tambourine surf stabs of “Rude As Jude”, it’s clean hooks that keep this unidentified object from overheating.

Teen Daze: Down from the heavens (of Vancouver) with coastline on the mind, Teen Daze arrived in April bearing tailored euphoria. For me, hints of that aforementioned shift beamed out with one blissful glimpse of “Shine On, You Crazy White Cap” – a track drenched in such positivity, I wanted to grab people by the shoulders and play it for them (or more likely, post something immediately). That gem and the handful of tracks tumbling in from the forthcoming Four More Years EP, are built with popular tools in these ever washed-out days, but they capture a certain spirit unique to a brand already in place, to impressive extent. These are easy colors to see. And hearing the phrase “gone for the summer” echoed off a wall of synth is pretty much the next best thing to actually doing just that.

Cults: On Monday, March 1st, 2010, Cults basically went viral (via gorillavsbear). I’ve never really seen anything like it; that much love, that instant. For them as well it was “kind of a surprise as we are just a couple of 21 year old NYC kids who put this stuff up on the internet last week” (quoted from our random email exchange). So why/how did this happen? Some alignment of energy I suppose. The world must have been waiting for “Go Outside” – an infectious mantra, part flower child, part sock-hop, and it simply resonated universally. The swooping xylophone alone could do the trick and then Madeline Follin comes in with “I really want to go outside and stop to see your day” and we’re officially transported to a brighter place. If you haven’t yet, go grab that and two more cutesy tracks from the duo’s bandcamp. And a full-length release is said to be on the horizon.

We’ll stop for now. Maybe jump in a shower, or an ocean if you got one.

Photo by Victoria Masters

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  • Sutton thanks RG! more on the way! Wed May 26, 2010
  • RG yes!! nice write up....let's get some more! Tue May 25, 2010
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