Lili, Illustrator

April 22, 2010

Lili is a 14 year-old illustrator from Paris, France who creates her own characters.

Lili has been immersed in the world of illustration from a very early age. Her mother is a well-known French illustrator and, in her family, everyone draws. Surrounded by this art, Lili came to realize her own style, one similar to that of most young girls–pop and na├»ve–but distinguished by an accomplished sense and manner. Drawing simple characters, and often gluing rings of bubble-wrap on their eyes, Lili creates illustrations that are both cute and original.

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  • Sophie what kind of shoes do you have? Thu Jun 03, 2010
  • Rebecca Lanier i love these videos and i would love to make one but i dont know how to put it on the converse website how do i? email me at Wed Jun 02, 2010
  • Danitza Ycaza i love the different design that converse have, so when my teacher said that the project for the final grade was to create a design for a shoes based in pop art, i was very excited and i decided to use lady gaga as inspiration, i get the best grade and then i participate in a competition for the best shoes design between high-schools and i win the first place. Since then i have been into all the design and illustration thing. if you want i can send you a picture of the shoes, just write me to my email Sun May 30, 2010
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