Austin 2010


April 9, 2010

We caught a bunch of shows in Austin in March, none more rawkus then the Small Stone Records showcase, which brought some power rock that would match anything from the early 70's.

Check out this live performance by Austin’s own Dixie Witch. Dixie Witch is, and has always been, a band whose true majesty can only be grasped in the live setting. For whatever reason, the band’s brand of classic, power-trio, heavy rock seems to spring into a further dimension when the three members step onto a stage.

Dixie Witch

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  • admin Sure - please point us to the band's site or MySpace page... Mon Aug 16, 2010
  • Victoria 1 i manage a band, Victor, that is very new and would like to submit for possible sponsorship from Converse...we already are purchasing custom shoes from the company, but would love to know how to submit for consideration to your music department... Tue Aug 10, 2010
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