Fiasco: Brooklyn's Finest

March 17, 2010

Since being described by a reporter as "the kingpins of the Park Slope kid-core scene," the three young guys in Fiasco have outgrown that limiting description many times over. Julian Bennet Holmes recently spoke with about the band's music, origins, and his favorite tour stories.


How did you guys start playing together? What did the band sound like at first? How has your sound changed since then?

We started playing in a band called Stungun when we were all 12, in the summer of 2003. We did a lot of classic rock covers, basically all the songs that shouldn’t be covered. A few years later, we started listening to punk music and started playing hardcore covers as Fiasco. After that, we started listening to [more underground, noise-oriented bands] and our sound evolved because of that.

You got a lot of attention early on for being young. Was that annoying? As you get older, do you find it gets easier to be taken seriously?

Getting attention wasn’t annoying, but being labeled “kid-core” was. It’s definitely easier to be taken seriously when you’re older, because people don’t usually think of us as children anymore.

What “genre” would you place yourselves in? Is it annoying to get asked that question since your music doesn’t really fit neatly into one genre?

We’ve often been called math-rock, meth-rock (that one was a typo though), punk, and noise-rock.

You’ve toured a lot. What’s your favorite place you’ve been? What’s your favorite tour story?

Playing in Sarajevo, Bosnia was really fun. Also we had a fun time in Scott, L.A., where we got to check out a dude’s house which used to be a bank a hundred years ago. His kitchen was the vault. Also, the lady who put on the show made us a great salad, which was even better since we hadn’t gotten to eat a lot of vegetables on tour.

In Bosnia, we had a lot of crazy adventures including driving down a mountain at 80 mph, on a one-lane road. We blogged about it at the time, so you can see our full adventures on our myspace blog:

Also, people there called us The Fiasco Band USA, which is where we got our gmail address from, In retrospect, we should’ve named the email address Oh well.


What are some of your favorite places to play? What have been some of your favorite shows you’ve played?

Death by Audio, Market Hotel, Silent Barn, the usual. Some of our favorite shows were playing with No Age and Vampire Weekend, and once we snuck into a classroom at Pratt and played a secret show there at night.

What’s your songwriting process generally like? Or is it different each time?

It’s different every time, but usually someone brings in an idea and we work on expanding it with other ideas. We also combine ideas.

Has anything ever gone way wrong on tour? How’d you deal with it?

We got a flat tire in Tuscaloosa, AL, but we put on the spare tire. Then we waited 4 hours for a mechanic to show up, and when he got there, the dude just looked at the tire and he was like “OK it’s all good, go to the repair shop 2 miles from here.” Also, we were supposed to visit New Orleans that day on our way to the next show, but that used up all our detour time. We did get to visit a weird abandoned shipyard though with tons of wrecked ships [pictured].

What are you currently doing besides playing music?

We’re all in school right now, so that’s what we’re doing besides playing music pretty much.

Are you currently on a label? Are you looking for one?

Once our album is all mixed, which will be soon, we’ll look for a label to put it out.

What do you have coming up that you’re excited about?

A single and a full-length album will be coming out soon.

For more Fiasco, take a gander at their myspace
Photos by Hatnim Lee

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