Dave Sutton: Jams

March 11, 2010

Ultimately, the best tracks are those that make you shake it, at least a little bit. Dave pick out some artists and tracks that should keep you moving through the summer.

Before our time in this galaxy is through, we must pump up THE SPACE JAMS. Leave your resting heart rates behind; let’s get weird:

Pictureplane: What was born in the warehouse walls of Pictureplane’s Denver living space/venue, Rhinoceropolis, has officially gone cross-dimensional. For as long as I’ve known him (full disclosure: this performance artist/house-pop maestro is my cousin), Travis Egedy has blazed his own trail. It was only a matter of time before the hype-planets aligned with it. With a glam-rock spirit and a glowstick mind, last year’s Dark Rift brought a new mysticism to the dance floor. And it sounds like his forthcoming material wants this rave to be even freakier. And look out for Witch House too.

Gobble Gobble: A few weeks back, my inbox received an email titled “secretly mo-fi”. After a brief greeting, Cecil Frena got right into some mp3 love. Next to “Lawn Knives” was the line “kind of blown-out chiptune / tapped guitar / 80s but 90s vibin’ pop song.” That it was. Sure enough his simple “Flu Pop” tag summed up the niche rather well too. I grabbed all of it, immediately uploaded to my phone, located some short-shorts and was out the door on a skateboard. From there, that Saturday was just about rad.

Joy Orbison: I’m no tech-head when it comes to dance music. And not at any length can I really discuss dub-step, house, jungle, etc. But I do have a pulse that responds to electronic magic. Last summer, a fan-upped video made the rounds on YouTube, as a still-frame. It had a glacier in the distance, surrounded by glassy water, mirroring a moon and sun. We (bloggers, publications) generally don’t embed static shots, but “Hyph Mngo” was next-level. I swear if you stare at it long enough, some revolutionary orbiting earth time-lapse footage will appear. The young London DJ has since maintained the pull with another single. More please.

Tanlines: This duo first existed primarily and vibrantly on that same video platform (which they’ve called ‘their best label ever’). In late 2008, Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm set out to exotically upgrade (remix) some fun songs. It didn’t take long for this plan to expand. They’re producing the newer work from scratch, with Emm on vocals – a pleasant addition that pretty much brands their sound – along with more good times via digital bongos and laser synth lines.

OK, that ought to cause a knee to bounce at your chair. Or hopefully something more like this

It’s been real. It’s been reality shifting. Until next time…

StadiumandShrines is really quite cool.

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  • Bobby I've seen Travis (pictureplane) in action.....it's a must see show. I'm really digging these posts by Mr. Sutton. Keep em coming! Mon Mar 15, 2010
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