Dave Sutton: On the Headphones in 2010

March 3, 2010

Dave Sutton is an east coast dude who has been soaking up SoCal rays for about three years now. By day he makes ads; by night, he runs a scorching hot music blog. Today he introduces four bands to keep an eye on.


Hello Converse universe. I’m quite stoked to join all the energy flowing from Converse.com right now. My mission is simple: bring you blogfuls of beat-leads to enhance moods and stimulate libraries (or at the very least, offer a nice little music-related read). Whether it’s on my own page or in passing conversation, this kind of sharing has always just felt right– an inexplicable passion, and it’s an honor to do it here. So lets get right into it. This is what’s in rotation right now:

Family Band: It seems now with the speed at which we consume “new bands” that a compelling back-story can push an act just the slightest bit closer to the front of our minds, letting us imagine, contextualize, and relate. In Family Band’s case, their process is felt on every song of seclusion, and they’re leaving an icy cabin door cracked open just enough to gaze inside. The husband and wife duo have been mailing handmade copies of their debut EP (recorded in the mountains of upstate NY) to anyone who requests. Their forthcoming LP, Miller Path, will no doubt have less personal means of circulation, but its tracks should have a similar effect. File under: delicately dark, atmospheric forest folk or as they call it “heavy mellow”.

RxRy: Now here it’s an utter lack of any back-story that has me (and the rest of those on RxRy’s email list) ALL EARS. In early January a mysteriously anonymous yet awesomely branded Myspace was born and a self-titled LP full of electronically ambient specks free-floated about RSS feeds. It’s the type of thing that wouldn’t matter at all if it weren’t bizarrely good. And both RxRy and his latest Snw Mlter EP are dripping in confidence, like auditory passcodes to an unknown dimension.

Future Islands: These Baltimore guys walk a perfect line between carefree and heartfelt. The burly crooning of Sam Herring is one of the most distinct forces around, and it shouldn’t make sense to offset it with new-wave dance beats, but it does here. 2008’s underrated Wave Like Home had the ability to fit just about anywhere, with standout “Beach Foam” finding its way to my airwaves more than just about anything else that year. The follow-up, In Evening Air (which officially lands May 8th) has a bit more punch to it, while remaining just as replayable at another modest 36 minutes. It hasn’t taken long for this to shoot up my charts (Top 5 of 2010 land at the moment).

Twin Sister: This 15 minute lullaby called Dreaming With Vampires has been seducing seemingly every notable blogger over the last few months. At times, it might be my favorite 15 minutes of current music available (and the Brooklyn quintet is giving it away in a zip file). In its four songs, a lover’s mind sprawls out over gazing bedroom grooves and lush guitar slides. Look for their next installment, Color Your Life this spring.

I hope this first cosmic spin meets your ears well. Follow links and search around. It’s all out there in these interwebs. More to come…

Photos by Victoria Masters

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