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January 15, 2010

Have you heard of The Bots? If not, then meet Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei--16 and 13 years old, respectively--two brothers from Glendale, California who are causing quite a buzz with their debut album.


Interview by Rob Fields

How did you two get your start with music?

Mikaiah: It’s always present in our family. We have a musical family, you know, my parents are Rastafari so reggae was always playing. They loved music, and we’ve always loved music .

Anaiah: And our dad always showed us music on the computer too. We always did that too.

M: Yeah that’s something we always did together, us and him, since we were like 5 years old. He’d show us the stuff he liked, like hardcore stuff, and rock today. And yeah, and you know our dad used to take us to the studio a lot. His friends are engineers.

What’s it like having to balance touring and school?

M: I actually haven’t noticed the change. We don’t participate in any activities at school. We just do our music. We go to school, we do a show, we practice.

How are other teenagers reacting to you?

A: They’re really inspired. We get comments on our MySpace page that some kids are now picking up instruments because of us.

M: My friends are really happy for me. They’ve been supportive. I’m still that kid in school. My friends still treat me the same. I play music, and my friends know about it. That’s all. They let me know I’m still a normal kid.

What has been your favorite out of all the shows you’ve played so far?

A: The best was opening was for Saul Williams for [The] Afro-Punk [Tour]. Yea. That was so fun, that was definitely my favorite show, crowd surfing and everything. That was epic.

M: Best show though… my favorite? I would have to say the Rastafarai Music Festival, when we were younger. It was our first real show, I think I was 12 and I played “Redemption Song” on my guitar. Yeah, it was crazy … I guess people didn’t know what to expect. But I think I felt then, like this was something I could really do.

To what extent have you thought about careers in music?

M: We really want to continue to be musicians. When I was younger, I wanted to be a chef, but my teacher makes it seems so complicated. I’d rather just do my music. But being in music is a big choice to make. Most kids—I don’t want to sound like we’re bragging—aren’t like us and don’t want to be as seriously involved in music as we are. When we first started off, it was just for fun. Over time, I had to make the decision whether to get serious and I did, so my life has kind of changed from what it was. It’s just what my life is now.

When you’re not touring and making your own music, what do you do to chill out?

A: Lots of videogames. Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

M: He’s super good. He’s an expert on all the instruments. I’m terrible at the game. I can’t do the guitar. I can play it in real life, but not on the videogames.

Any plans to add any other instrumentation?

A: We don’t plan on adding new members. But we plan on collaborations with other artists.

M: I’d like to add bass. Myself, that is. I don’t want to add anybody else to the band, I just want to play additional instruments.

“Old Days” towards the end of the album is really nice.

A: Our Auntie Emily recorded the piano for us.

M: I wrote the piano piece.

A: But she recorded it for us.

M: I was too lazy to just play the guitar part and go back and re-record the piano, so we had her do it at the same time I was playing!

To check out more tunes by Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei, and the debut album from The Bots, head to

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  • makari my parents agree that us kids should play music so im a big supporter of them. rock out :) makari Sun Feb 14, 2010
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